Gambling license and regulation support

Every online casino gaming business is regulated by law. With a license, you can feel yourself protected and running your business in the right way. You should always keep in mind that online gambling establishments require the same treatment as land-based ones, and the law concerns the Internet too in this case.

Players must also take into consideration whether an online casino is legally formed. The license you have guarantees a player that your website is reliable and all winnings and losses will be regulated by law. A client wants to know he will not lose his money fraudulently, and it’s your task to provide him with this assurance.

There are countries where casino gambling of all types is illegal, and there are countries which have certain regulations concerning casino games. For instance, you can apply for a license in the following countries and legal entities:

Costa Rica

The amount of online games establishments licensed here is overwhelming, and registration in Costa Rica has been chosen by many world-famous casinos, with least 300 websites now registred there.

Antigua and Barbuda

This Caribbean nation has been giving licenses to casino establishments since 1994.


Taxes are quite advantageous in this country, and since 2002 it has been very active on the world scene of online casinos registration.


This is a native American reservation based in Quebec, Canada. The KGC, The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, has been giving licenses to various Internet casinos and sportsbooks since 1996. They highly value honesty in their licensing.


Only highly reputable companies can obtain a license here, with approximately 20 operators holding licenses at present.

Isle of Man

This country not only licenses but also encourages the development of online casinos. Laws enacted in 2000 and 2001 has given the country the status of a white-label casino jurisdiction.

Curacao and Netherlands Antilles

These areas have been issuing licenses that last for two years since 2001.

Know that Fortune Core is ready to help you avoid problems connected with getting a license for your online gambling business.