Turnkey casino and poker room solutions

Starting online business

A turnkey casino or any poker website are ways that will easily let you get into casino business. You will be able to use your money and your brand and leave the operations and expenses to a third party.

Fortune Core help area

We can offer to make you free from everyday work at your casino and take care of the daily operations required to be performed. Fortune Core not only develops the website but also manages licensing, technical support and work with affiliates.

Concerning your ideas

We are sensitive to your wishes when you choosen a turnkey solution, and any idea is considered by us when needed. You create a brand and a concept, and all other aspects of the work can be given to us.

Success guarantee

We guarantee to lead your online business project to success due to our large experience and the team of professionals concerning the development of your online web-casino project. You can rely on us and rest while we take care of your casino development.