About us

A team of professionals

The Fortune Core N.V. team consists of professionals in the area of gambling project marketing and management. We have successfully led various gambling business structures into a bright future, and we offer our services to you. Providing you with the best designs, the most tolerant approach, totally new games, and excellent promotions is guaranteed at Fortune Core. Our developers have much experience in creating online casino portals, and they are ready to share their knowledge and intuitive marketing skills in order to create the best website that will surely profit you.

The result is what matters

If you really care about the results of your work, if you have only a basic knowledge of creating an online gambling business, if you want to succeed in life, if you want constant benefits, it´s time to ask our for our assistance. We have been faced many issues that you might also encounter when organizing your own business, so we are ready to help you with anticipating potential problems and finding solutions.

Creating a strong business

We can make any business you plan work properly and for your good. Fortune Core is the place where only professionals work, and they are qualified in different areas to make a professional business plan implemented with a goal of future success. Applying for our help could be the best decision you have ever made. If you aim at creating a strong and profitable business in the era of web-technology, do not delay, start today.